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My article “In these Empty Arms” featured in this month’s Mariam Poppins magazine is also posted on her site.

” She sipped on her coffee, the sad-flat look in her eyes that now replaced the sparkle she once had–gone. Looking at me, she calmly and quietly asked “but when does it get easier?”

Shall I tell her you learn to laugh through the knot in your throat? Shall I tell her you learn to live again with this new you? Shall I tell her she’ll never again walk past certain aisles in stores and be the same? No, it sounds cynical, too hard to bear all that at once. I mean I remember the first year. *sigh* There is some benefit in this, I mean a lot of benefit really, but it still hurts. It can bring us closer to Allah. The All Merciful.
I put my food down and swallowed what I had, and gave her-what I’m sure, was a weak smile. We were in a public restaurant and a couple of muslimahs crying was all I needed to fuel more rumors of how miserable…… (Continue to Mariam Poppins