Duas we’re (SLOWLY) working on


I’ll admit, our learning and memorization of Arabic, and Qur’an aren’t always as consistent as they should be so naturally, dua memorization is worse. May Allah make it easy on us ameen.

    1. Leaving the house
    2. Sneezing
    3. Entering the bathroom
    4. Leaving the bathroom
    5. Thankfulness 
    6. before eating
    7. forgot to say before eating
    8. after eating
    9. Entering the house
    10. Breaking the fast
    11. Eclipse
    12. Traveling
    13. thunder storm

2 thoughts on “Duas we’re (SLOWLY) working on

  1. AsSalaamu Alaikum! Inshallah, I am beginning to home school my children. I am curious as to how you begin your school day. I am mainly interested in a “learning” dua, ayat or surah to begin each day with. Public schools have their pledge of allegiance… I would like a motivational dua to display on the wall and recite each morning. Jazakallah!

    • This is not something we do a lot unfortunately. What I do is I read her the “sound” of the dua. Then I tell her it’s meaning. Then we just practice it repeatedly. Some she learned in 20 minutes others takes us a few weeks.

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