LEGITIMATE work-from-home help. A post to help get you started in the right direction

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Humble beginnings

I’m writing this exactly 1 hour before starting my work shift. I’m sipping on some half-caf coffee, trying to avoid the caffeine headaches that will come in Ramadan. (The Muslim’s Fasting month in which we fast from ingesting anything during sun up to sun down hours) I’m not rushing to find work clothing, stressing about having to stop for gas or worry about the rain on my commute. I want others to experience this for themselves. I want people to find their niche or place on their terms. The peace that comes from finding a job that you love, don’t have to commute to and actually offers a paycheck isn’t measurable alHamdulilah.

A no scams, nor making people buy or pay for things; REAL work from home DOES Exist. I see so many people in a bind, needing a way out and falling for scams.
Yes, it takes work to find a real work-from-home job. Yes, it’s hard to find something you can do, takes long hours of searches, resumes and answering the same questions on applications. But it’s worth it.
I’ll share a few sites with you so you can start your long search and repetitive application filling (hey, it DOES take work)

A note for the wise: Working from home/Searching for work from home is just as time-consuming and Needing Professionalism, time and effort as outside jobs! This is for all of you willing to put in that work to find something. You have to do your research, you’ll be doing a lot of reading, applying, researching companies and trying to find out if it’s a fit for you. These websites not only shares LEGITIMATE work-from-home ads but also tips to avoid falling for scams. Enjoy! Now remember it’s just a site with listings, they CAN’T answer job-related questions. You have to go on the site and read or call/message the actual company that’s hiring with your questions.

Now remember this blog post and many of the links to jobs are simply sites with listings. I nor they answer job-related questions. You have to go on the site and read or call/message the actual company that’s hiring with your questions.
Happy Searching and I wish you the best inshaAllah

change-a-millionSome of these are from my own searches, places that were promising or where I found work. A few of the other amazing suggestions come from my friend Kareema Falih over at The Go Mamas, who has been a great inspiration to me in so many ways over the last few years.

The Links to start your amazing New Journey

(Disclaimer- I, nor none of these websites or people referenced here can guarantee you gainful employment. Filling out an application doesn’t legally guarantee employment either. These are simply tools for you to research how to get yourself out there, network, search and find real options versus scams. I hope it’s extremely beneficial to you)

My go-to stop. This is always the 1st place I check. Even now, gainfully and happily employed alHamdulilah; I still check their postings out for friends and to share with others. There are literally HUNDREDS of postings on their site: Rat Race Rebellion

The next site is a forum. Here is where you’ll go for advice, tips, and how-tos in this exciting new world. Click HERE to sign-up.

The following site is also promising. It took really long to find how to market myself on there, learn the ropes and search. My page was mediocre at best. I had to edit, add all my experience and really focus on the wording. When I did, I actually had employers seeking me! It still shocks me. Their website was formerly known as ODesk. Now their name is UpWork.

The following links are references from The Go Mamas which helped tremendously in posting this blog.

People Per Hour

Fancy Hands

Work At Home Adventures


Muslimahs Working At Home


Work At Home Mom Revolution


The Work At Home Wife

(Disclaimer– I, nor none of these websites or people referenced here can guarantee you gainful employment. Filling out an application doesn’t legally guarantee employment either. These are simply tools for you to research how to get yourself out there, network, search and find real options versus scams. I hope it’s extremely beneficial to you.)

Penne with sun-dried tomato pasta= Lunch

For breakfast I had an apple, water, and a few cookies. Not the most nutritious meal ever- but hey, it hit that grumbling stomach 😉

For lunch, in keeping with the TRYING to eat better and spend less ways I decided to use what I had at home.

I decided on Penne pasta since I had a whole box of it. I also had the garlic, tomatoes and everything else I needed!!! yay! 🙂


  • Penne Pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • onion (less then a 1/4 of a small onion)
  • Parmesan
  • salt and black pepper
  • garlic

Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling salted water until tender (but NOT squishy) but still firm to the bite (al dente), stirring occasionally, about 7-9 minutes. Then you’ll need to drain most of the water out but not all, save about 25 % or a cup of hot water you boiled it in.

Take your garlic cloves and onion and chop them up (for easier blending) and put them inside the blender with about 3 spoons of olive oil. Add the sun-dried tomatoes and salt and pepper, to taste, and blend until the tomatoes are finely chopped.

Take a salad or big bowl and put the sauce in their. Add some Parmesan Add the pasta and little bit of the water to mix with the sauce and coat your pasta well. (Don’t add all the water at once. Only add it little by little and mix until you get the right coating.



Liquado de platano (spanish for a blend of banana which you could just say banana shake ;) enjoy)

Asalaamu alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatahu (peace and blessing be unto you)

Here is something my grandmother used to make us.

Bananas are a cheap, easy to find, and naturally a good source of energy and potassium so before reaching for that second cup of coffee (did I, of all people just say that?!) You could eat a banana or make this.

Wash your blender really well ( I always have to double wash since I make chile (hot sauce) in ours all the time)

Take 3-5 ice cubes and throw them in the blender. cut up 2 bananas in pieces and add to the blender. add 3 drops of halal vanilla (HALAL STATUS OF VANILLIN: Artificial or synthetic vanillin do not contain alcohol and it is also Halal or Kosher certified. It is a Halal ingredient.
Artificial or synthetic vanillin is made with all Halal ingredients and Halal process without alcohol. Lignin, used to make the artificial vanillin, when derived from botanical product is Halal. Methane when used as a solvent is considered as a Halal solvent.
ISLAMIC SCHOLARS’ VIEW ON THIS TOPIC: Some Islamic Scholars considered a food product Not Halal if it is made with a flavor containing alcohol as a solvent. But others considered it Halal because they said the small or large quantity (less than 2%) of the product does not intoxicate a person. Please consult your Sheikh or Imam on this topic if needed.
(excerpts taken from Canadian Halal, INC)

add 1 and 1/4 cups of milk and blend.

You’ll have a natural no sugar added, fulfilling drink with natural energizers and potassium.

Not only is this quick and easy to make but also affordable.

On a budget!

AlHamduliAllah, AlHamduliAllah, AlHamduliAllah! Truly being married or “living at home” is a blessing!

AlHamuliAllah through it all mashaAllah. It’s been such a roller coaster of ups and downs for a few months financially.

Background information…. I work part time to help the bearded one out (allegedly) and have some of ‘my own’ money. But I usually have something I need or want, and he gives me most of the money back. Anyhow, I work only 3-5 hrs a day. Mostly five days a week. Since I homeschool, it’s perfect for us. However, due to all their holidays ( I work at a College) I’ve been off a LOT. Add to that list I was extreemely ill for a few weeks and had to be off of work for a week with no pay. Car needed to be repaired and the cars were towed MashaAllah.

Truly I am greatful for being married AlHamduliAllah!!

I’d probably be homeless and carless without the extra help of not having to fully rely on my own income.

There are some women who have to be the homes SOLE financial provider for different reasons and I’m greatful. Through it all I still get to be Muslim and have my faith. I still get to homeschool, I still get to eat, sleep and have a seemingly warm apt. There are people with far less so I’ll count my blessings.

I will admit though I did and do get flustered. AlHamduliAllah it’s always something. At least the car is fixed.

While brainstorming ways to save a few cents and dollars. I’ve decided to live a little more “old fashioned” making stuff I’ve usually purchased (pizza, beans, tortillas, homemade ice cream, bread, coffee) and cleaning with homemade supplies or GREEN as the new kids on the block call them. My grandma just just called it cleaning, cooking and using baking soda, limes and pinesol if extremely needed.

I already started homeschooling smarter. Recycling items instead of buying, making our own playdough, going to the FREE museum days and I started buying anything I could for homeschooling used to cut a few dollars here and there. I cutback on coffee and I stay home a bit more.

All this inspired me to start a new type of blog tag. A kind of challenge if you will. I’ll try to use less “store bought” stuff and in the process I will also post about how to cook with less for more. We have my stepsons over a lot more now MashaAllah!! 🙂 so now it went from 3 to 5 people who need to have a good meal. Therefore every so often nestled under recipes and Cooking on a budget I will posting ideas for meals or side dishes. Please, join me and add your own ideas, tips or advice InshaAllah.