About La Mamá

Holly Garza is an Author, freelance writer, homeschooling advocate and social commentator on the American Multicultural, homeschooling and Muslim community.

A Grieving Mother community liaison, and grieving mother herself author of the book Parents For The First Time…Again ( a book that looks at the delicate state of grieving parents embarking on the momentous task of parenthood after loss), founder of the group Ummis seeking Sabr (Mommies seeking peace) a support group for grieving muslim moms to have a safe place with in their faith tradition to vent, talk, share, cry, and seek hope. Founder of Homeschooling Muslimah Mommies a page dedicated to encouraging and idea sharing for home educating muslims. I’m a muslim homeschooling Latina American spanish speaking homeschooler 🙂

In addition to homeschooling her daughter she works as the Client Support Analyst for Digital Ignite (from home) as well as freelance writing from time to time for various causes. Her posts, commentary, musings and blogs have been published in the Mariam Poppins magazine and blog, Saudi Life blog, Multicultural Familia Blog, Habibi Halaqas, and on her personal blog promoting homeschooling, mental health, Multiculralism and Domestic Violence awareness. She is also a Published Author of The book “Parents For The First Time Again” a book about grieving parents and currently working on her second and third books (or not-depending on my mood) ;).

Holly Garza was born in Joliet Illinois and educated in the United States and in Mexico for a few years where she learned to speak the language. She is the product of Irish/Native American and Mexican American Parents. She is fluent in English and Spanish and is currently learning to read and write in Arabic. She is a convert/revert to Islam, and a homeschooling mom.

Specialties include but not limited to: Early Childhood Development (over 6 years experience working in the field), encouragement, homeschooling, bilingual living, freelance writing, grieving moms support group, fundraising, community enhancement, publicity, reading, writing and translating Spanish to English and English to Spanish, research, supervisory skills, and volunteer work in the Muslim Community.

^^ Gosh this makes me sound as if I was important or something, I’m not. Now on to the “down to earth” bio :

if you’re perfect or looking for a neat, boxed up, wonder woman-muslimah, perfect homeschooling mom blog post, this ISN’T it. Keep searching.

This is my personal blog on which I happen to share tidbits of my life. I share personal ramblings, self improvement, help and assistance for homeschooling moms but Only because I don’t feel like retyping EVERYTHING countless times so it’s saved here-not to be confused with wonder woman homeschooling expert. The all around great mom who has it all together, nope she doesn’t live here, she tries to- but usually the mess that I am wont allow it to happen to long 😉 I share Islamic posts and tidbits, not because I’m some scholar or have any knowledge whatsoever- but simply because I love islam. I want to find whatever it is I posted for later reference for myself. That said if you like real, if you like reading nonsense, if you’re curious as to what muslims believe, if you simply want to keep up with me off of facebook, if you need tips on homeschooling, want a sporadic recipe from time to time or just need to read, than feel free to get a cup of coffee and stay.

My name is Holly. I’m a Mexican, Native and “white” American who converted to Islam in 2009 After 5 years of on and off “looking into it”. I started “preschooling in late 2008. I’m interested in a range of issues such as Islam, homeschooling, domestic violence, life in general, community development, Multiculturalism awareness, immigration reform, racism, feeding the poor, and religious tolerance. I hope to continue to grow and gain more knowledge on Islaam, homeschooling, food, myself, cultures, and of others methods of homeschooling, and/or homemaking as well as share my own own, and grow in this journey throughout this blog,  life and with time InshaAllah

I think it’s essential that people first understand themselves and their personal needs before undermining others. I’m a member of S.E.C.A., a professional Child Development membership. I’m also the founder of the Homeschooling Muslimah Mommies website, a moderator for Independent learning, as well as a guest speaker/writer for various blogs, and online homeschooling radio shows.

I’m just a mom who makes mistake and strives to be a better Muslim. Yes those are things I am VERY passionate about,do;and have done, but I hope I am a little more down to earth than my “bio” makes me out to seem! I just blog because I love homeschooling. I am a Muslimah homeschooler and I want to learn things along the way from others out here on the  blog-o-sphere myself.

I also love reading and food, yeah, comida es muy importane (food is very important)!! 😉 This is just my personal journey about homeschooling, my little life experiences, projects, cooking/my recipes,my rants and raves book reviews, my own personal experiences in Islam and as a Muslimah, tips on homeschooling and little motivational stories and stuff I find and feel like sharing♥

11 thoughts on “About La Mamá

  1. I love your site(s), Holly. Very inspiring and I look forward to reading more. Keep up the good work. I am so happy that you also love to write, help people, and do creative activities. I haven’t met too many people who have a similar goal as I do. 🙂

  2. Assalamualikumww;
    Dear Holly!I must say its inspiring………..I too home school my 2 boys and going thorough one of those times,when its really hard to stay focused on home schooling,i know the reasons why i took this journey, but seems like im failing…..:(, after reading ur blog i was thinking hard—-i knew it way before it was not going to be a piece of cake, but the words we have managed to read have brought smiles that i wont forget for live…..i want to stay on this path n jazakumAllahukharun for ur blog,u know reading between the lines i felt, a hand helping me get up….and saying—-lets start walking again.love u for the sake of Allah n continue writing……..

    • yay!!! I’m glad this was inspirational to you MashaAllah. I remember starting out feeling scared like I would mess up, do too little or too much. I remember feeling everyone’s homeschooling, house cleaning, and blogs were neater, better, bigger. AlHamdulilAllah I’ve learned since then.

      Homeschooling is a blessing like trying to be a better or good muslim. A blessing like trying to have a great marriage. It takes time, work, practice, struggles, blessings, joy and more time. It’s so worth it though. May Allah reward us for what we do and our intentions and may He put barakah in what we do Ameen.

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  4. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu! I’m loving this site… how did I not know that you were a blogger? Maa shaa Allaah! I will add you to my site list so I can keep up to date with your posts 🙂 May Allaah increase you habibti! Ameen!

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