On trying to be better, do more, and have more

Sipping on my coffee the other afternoon it hit me. Peace. Calm and peace. SIGH. I found it! On any given day, I can think of many ways I might be a better Homeschooling parent to my daughter. It occurs to me that she isn’t 3 school years ahead, speak 5 languages, or well off like many other homeschooled. She isn’t on a spelling bee and we aren’t “Radical” or a number of other stereotypes homeschooled families have. We don’t have a “classroom”. I don’t own a yacht, a ranch, nor do I “stay home” baking day in and day out in the lap of luxury. We have AlHamdulilah, what we need and an amazing group of people on this ride we call life, but these stereotypes not so much.

I could go on and on. Some of these, I would love to have. Some, well some things we don’t do or have aren’t necessary. It’s very easy to become over-burdened, over-scheduled, and frazzled. It’s easy to look at 2 or 3 pictures on someone’s amazing blog and assume we have to have, need to buy, must get, or don’t have stuff. However, the other night while giggling during math review (who even knew THAT was enjoyable!?) on our dry-erase board I realized I have given her love, attention, an education even I was enjoying to get while teaching her! I noticed once I stayed home a bit more, that life slowed down. It was in the silence, in the stillness of having laundry to wash, dishes to clean that the blessings of what some may refer to as “redundancy” hit me. So many all over the world are suffering through unrest, poverty, oppression, hunger, drought, earthquakes, famine, depression, flooding, and horrid war-like zones, oppression and tyrany.

This post isn’t meant to guilt-trip us into a false sense of happiness and rainbows, no. It isn’t even to depress us. It’s just a gentle internet reminder that I’m there with you. Yes, I know the fear and doubts that creep in our heads. We all second guess what we do or don’t do with our children. There is always something that can, and yes; should be improved on and changed. However, we should also learn to enjoy the stillness of the moments. The warmth of a neck hug. The blessings of a giggling, tear inducing laughter from being silly with our children. This could NEVER come from any curriculum, program, classroom, textbook, chalkboard or buy. That moment….that moment can’t be captured by a photograph, an audio clip nor a blog. It must be lived. Go live =)


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