We spend so much energy focusing on careers, race, nationalism, religion, weight, or otherwise trying to click up n be a certain way to the max- on how we’re bigger, better, tougher than others, on how our job or lack there of choice is better than theirs because it’s the best for us. So much on being the biggest, baddest whatever we want to label ourselves… Cut us open- we’re all created the same inside.

It’s about time we focus on humanity, on being loving, on loving for others what we want for ourselves and not just as some cliche religious phrase to repeat when it applies to us, but, to truly strive. We’re either sisters and brothers in Religion or in humanity.

Why are we so hateful? mean, spiteful, angry, malicious, and harmful? I thank Allah (God) I have amazing people in my life. I truly wish ALL of you did too but here is the thing…. Amazing people won’t come knocking your door down. Get out there- be amazing.

Hold the door open for someone a little longer, buy that candy, those cookies, give that charity. Smile even through that bad mood, pick up that litter you didn’t drop. Answer kindly vs sarcastically. Help someone “get something” or understand it instead of judging them for not doing something. Drink more water, rest better-take walks, eat healthier, show some compassion or at the very least-if you truly can’t…than do NO harm.


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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