Thoughts on “Blacks being treated equally”

I saw a post today by someone who was annoyed and claimed they wern’t racist and they’re annoyed that people act as if black people are treated differently… My jaw dropped! REALLY?!?! How do people who aren’t blind, and deaf feel this way?

I’m HONESTLY saddened by people who claim there isn’t different treatment for “Blacks” or African Americans in this Country. You could be Black, well educated, 2+ degrees, a home, a car….have all that but the minute your son turns 11 you BETTER have some sort of Id because the fact of the matter is black boys look “suspicious” to police especially if they are walking with their friend or sibling (you know, 2 or more together??? {yeah no, that MUst be dangerous} (sarcasm intended) and get stopped…no id?

Well if I feel like it and I’m a policeman I can take you downtown and “process you” you know…”just to make sure”…

It doesn’t matter if it’s the “thug-looking” kind or the manner having boy with good grades. It happens day in and day out. If you truly aren’t racist, if you truly care- you’ll speak out against this. Oh and let’s not forget and if they get by through that one well then gang bangers and drug dealer harassment starts around this age as well as skanky females or just the regular kind chasing them around (which is really an all around “minority” problem except the last 1 which applies to all)


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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