History lessons, FUN and Interesting amazing facts and Creationism

Asalaamu alaikum (peace be upon you), hola hermanas y amistades (hey sisters & friends)

I just want to say to anyone who loves to read, to anyone who wonders why, how, or what did Muslims contribute to the world or what we believe or should we know.

History lovers, parents, students, Muslims, homeschoolers and people who go to school I completely recommend,

HANDS DOWN the following books : “Deeper Roots Muslims in The Americas and the Caribbean from BEFORE Columbus to the Present” – Image

Amazing book, writen by Br Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick. Learn the Truth of “3rd world” and learn the amazing facts. Learn the reality of the Size and immense donations to civilization from Africa to the world from the “Muslims” to the world.

ImageI also recommend the book series “Stories of the World” by Sister M.A. Safia Iqbal. Geared more towards people who don’t have a passion for history yet, don’t know they love it, students, children, and/or children. It teaches REAL world History along with creationism.


One thought on “History lessons, FUN and Interesting amazing facts and Creationism

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