On a budget!

AlHamduliAllah, AlHamduliAllah, AlHamduliAllah! Truly being married or “living at home” is a blessing!

AlHamuliAllah through it all mashaAllah. It’s been such a roller coaster of ups and downs for a few months financially.

Background information…. I work part time to help the bearded one out (allegedly) and have some of ‘my own’ money. But I usually have something I need or want, and he gives me most of the money back. Anyhow, I work only 3-5 hrs a day. Mostly five days a week. Since I homeschool, it’s perfect for us. However, due to all their holidays ( I work at a College) I’ve been off a LOT. Add to that list I was extreemely ill for a few weeks and had to be off of work for a week with no pay. Car needed to be repaired and the cars were towed MashaAllah.

Truly I am greatful for being married AlHamduliAllah!!

I’d probably be homeless and carless without the extra help of not having to fully rely on my own income.

There are some women who have to be the homes SOLE financial provider for different reasons and I’m greatful. Through it all I still get to be Muslim and have my faith. I still get to homeschool, I still get to eat, sleep and have a seemingly warm apt. There are people with far less so I’ll count my blessings.

I will admit though I did and do get flustered. AlHamduliAllah it’s always something. At least the car is fixed.

While brainstorming ways to save a few cents and dollars. I’ve decided to live a little more “old fashioned” making stuff I’ve usually purchased (pizza, beans, tortillas, homemade ice cream, bread, coffee) and cleaning with homemade supplies or GREEN as the new kids on the block call them. My grandma just just called it cleaning, cooking and using baking soda, limes and pinesol if extremely needed.

I already started homeschooling smarter. Recycling items instead of buying, making our own playdough, going to the FREE museum days and I started buying anything I could for homeschooling used to cut a few dollars here and there. I cutback on coffee and I stay home a bit more.

All this inspired me to start a new type of blog tag. A kind of challenge if you will. I’ll try to use less “store bought” stuff and in the process I will also post about how to cook with less for more. We have my stepsons over a lot more now MashaAllah!! 🙂 so now it went from 3 to 5 people who need to have a good meal. Therefore every so often nestled under recipes and Cooking on a budget I will posting ideas for meals or side dishes. Please, join me and add your own ideas, tips or advice InshaAllah.


6 thoughts on “On a budget!

  1. I really love this. Such a clever way to ease your families financial burden. It seems to me that groceries seem to be getting ever more expensive, as we seem to be walking out with less and less bags, yet spending the same amount. Insha’allah, you inspire me to try this with my own family.

    Our family tends to reuse items that came from the grocery store, such as the trays from the mushrooms, or the cereal boxes. I have been looking for clever and creative ways to organize stray paperwork, if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them.

    I would love to hear the recipes that you come up with. If you have anything that requires four ingredients or less, that would be just lovely.

    • awwwwwwwww JazakAllah Khayer for the support and encouragement! I’ve been trying to keep up with blogging a little more and my home…the never ending job! Thanks for the encouragement and reading the post! I’ll start posting soon. My problem is I always forget to take pictures so I can blog it because I usually eat it all up!

  2. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaiki

    I love buying less store bought items – in all areas- cleaning to cooking and making my home made items.
    I’ll be joining your challenge but I’ll add more than cooking to my homemaker quest Inshaa’Allaah
    Homemade vs. store bought leaves you with such a nice feeling of accomplishment 🙂 knowing that you can make whats in the stores- and it even tastes better Mashaa’Allaah 🙂

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