Free Curriculum and resources you can use

Late, late but worth the wait!!

As promised, I FINALLY got around to updating this post!! I know, I know, but Hey I ACTUALLY homeschool more than I blog about it and that’s what matters =)

ENJOY the free education sites and have fun making your curriculums or just adding to your child’s educational experience.


Here I am including some FREE internet curriculum for you all.
My favorite, especially if you’re an Eclectic Homeschooler (meaning you don’t stick to only one method and you pick different things that work) is this link which tells you EVERYTHING they should be learning at that “grade”

Just click on the “grade” your child is in and work on those subjects with them!!

a free website of curriculum/classes is

Your local PUBLIC Library!!!

I usually look up Curriculum stuff online and if there is something that I REALLY, REALLY want to check out I just get it at the library for free!! The Library is where 78-85 % of our homeschooling resources are from!!!

Many subjects on almost everything, from Islamic to taking care of the home, to planning and how to’s on Homeschooling MashaAllah Umm Ibraheem!
May Allah reward the sister who runs these websites with Firdaus Al-Alaa. Great stuff, Ameen!

Need to find out quickly how something works?

Here is a wonderful helpful site for you to use

A site with access to your Staate textbooks and others as well, go to


Another awesome GREAT site who another sister runs MashaAllah is

Many links and FREE downloads to arts and crafts homeschooling, Islamic information This sister does such a great job may Allah reward her and grant her Firdaous Al-Alaa ameen!


Homeschool help with some of the difficult subjects

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include this next site! There is SO MUCH information on there!!! It is not an Islamic site but it IS a VERY useful site FULL of many FREE links, sites, ideas and tips. When I discovered her site I wished I had known of it years before!!!

Here is the site ENJOY!!


PHONICS, grammar, and Spelling Lessons: (younger children)

Free textbooks & Foreign Language courses

Math & Metric Math


Free American Govt

Free Science fair project ideas and much more!
Here you will find instructions showing you how to build scientific equipment from relatively cheap materials. Projects include instructions for making telescopes, microscopes, batteries, sidereal indicators, and several other instruments. Moreover, you will find programs on the lexical analysis of texts and the determination of the readability of texts, etc.

This website allows you to virtuallyexplore pond life and all the amazing microscopic critters that live there!

May Allah make it easy on all of us and protect and guide us to teach our children with love, truth, acceptance ( of them and from us to everyone) and give us the right way to teach, aid and guide them Ameen

Please let me know if you need help or would like to help me add to this list InshaAllah~Holly Garza


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