Arabic- Learning the Alphabet and it’s sounds


Asalamau alaikum waramatulahi wabarakatahu about 2 weeks ago I decided to take Arabic and reading the Quran transliteration more serious. It was a bit problematic the first 3 days with wasting time getting started, feelings of inadequacy and thinking it would be too hard and worthless time-wasting on my facebook acount. However, day 4 I said KHALAS! (stop, enough, no more in Arabic) to being my own enemy and got started.

I homeschool my daughter as well as am a convert to Islam of almost 3 years. I am bilingual which gives me the advantage of knowing FIRST HAND that translations and transliterations can NEVER sound, feel, or be the same as the loving, to the point messages are in their original message. Hence I know how EXTREMELY important it is to take on the task of trying to learn the letters to so I can read the Arabic so later I can learn the spoken word and not only repeat, recite or read but InshaAllah understand and implement.

I made a free makeshift “memory” game up with my daughter. We used the Arabic Alphabet book and used index cards to write the letters on then we faced them down and tried to find it’s match.

I also got started on learning/memorizing the letters, their sounds and how they looked. This was and is very beneficial. I’m using an older program of cassettes (remember those? 😉 lol) and a book. The program is called “Learn To Read The Qur’an on your own by IQRA  and reproduced with permission Islamic Information Foundation.

The program uses a reciter to say the letter, it’s sound and encourage you to follow visually with the book. I’m proud to say Al-HamduliAllah by Allah’s permission my daughter and I both have learned half the Alphabet and still learning inshaAllah.

We’ve used an older hands on activity of molding Arabic letters out of molding clay and play dough.

Today after reviewing I wanted to do something a bit more hands on and fun for her, finding myself bored with our index cards )I have a SHORT attention span) I remembered the site MashaAllah may Allah reward that sister for all the time, hard work, and sharing she does on her site ameen.

I decided to check out her Arabic materials…MashaAllah!! All I can say if someone does it better why try just use theirs! Therefore, I’m sharing her lovely link here. Please check her out MashaAllah she has a lot of resources over there MashaAllah.

Here is the link~>


8 thoughts on “Arabic- Learning the Alphabet and it’s sounds

  1. Asalaam ‘Alaikum:

    I stopped by when I saw the nice picture you had of the clay letters. We have another young one learning the Arabic Alphabet and I’m still out there searching for any other good ideas. Thanks for sharing a link to my site (

    Asalaam ‘Alaikum,
    Sumayyah Umm SAAK

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