how to stick to or return to the basics of homeschooling, parenting and home management

Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace and blessings be upon you)

MashaAllah (exhausted voice) life sure can catch up to us when you allow it to overwhelm you and neglect 2 or 3 things 2 or 3 times, can’t it?

I’m here to remind you to stick to the basics or return to the basics.

We all love those days where the meal is 5-7 courses, the floor, sink and bedroom is spotless and the children’s homeschooling went above and beyond expectations. However, no one can keep up with ALL their responsibilities at near perfection status at all times ( if so- please point her out to me!! I’d love to take whatever she’s taking!) This does not mean I am encouraging slacking, messiness and lack of initiative, by no means. On the contrary if you allow yourself, your home, your cleaning and homeschooling go for more than a day or two I can guarantee you that catching up will be far more daunting than keeping up! (Trust me I’ve learned it the hard way personally)

I personally love coming up with amazing homeschooling science, art, real life activities that carry on into other fascinating subjects and intrigue the little and big ones eyes and brains into overdrive. I personally love the feeling of eating a home cooked meal I put a lot of time, love and effort into making in a clean apartment. Tell me one thing though…….how can we have more of these wonderful blessed days as opposed to I can’t find the reading book, the dishes are a mess and I need a shower days?


Start small, start with a corner, a shelf, a table, a sink….


Start by de cluttering one area at a time and keep going. When you brush your teeth wipe the mirror down and rinse the sink for that still clean bathroom look. When you are cooking wash the spoon and stove as you go (something I’m learning as I’ve always been messy in the kitchen)


When you are homeschooling clean and teach your child to clean up as they work for easier cleanliness and time management later.

Assign a writing, reading and memorization area and keep that area specifically for those materials and books. Asign a part or a whole shelf in our case to books/curriculum you actively use to find them easily and plan assignments. Have a back-up plan for those days when you are sick ( a box/closet/shelf/ or bag) with work, activities and/or games for the emergency days when you get sick, or something comes up for a smooth day for your child. Have a website or a few website that promote not only games but SAFE age appropriate learning.

Home/hygiene tips

This should go without saying but please do the basics…soap and water and brushing…teeth and hair. Now if you already (which I hope you do) keep up with yourself  go the extra mile and change your clothing. I love to joke that my pajamas are my house clothes and that I home school in my pj’s and while this is true sometimes I also have inside clothing. I have pants, shorts, capris and dresses that I wear sometimes at home. When you look better you feel better, and when you feel better you perform better.

Air the home out from time to time, yes, even in the winter. No one is advocating you share all your business with the free world nor that you freeze, simply circulate some air. Get your cleaning on, burn some incense, oil or use your favorite cleaning products and smell away the drudgery. Nothing like a clean, fresh home. 

On those overwhelming days when life gets too busy, stressful, tiring or eventful stick to the basics. You can always be super mom another day. Teach the basics, clean the basics, keep up with yourself at a basic level. It’s too hard to be super woman, and supermom when you can’t even find your shoes and much less your sanity.

I’m still new at this trying to be organized lifestyle as well. Please share your mommy tips, homeschooling, cooking, hygiene and beauty tips with us here in the comments InshaAllah


7 thoughts on “how to stick to or return to the basics of homeschooling, parenting and home management

  1. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaiki!

    Love it holly! Your area looks sooooooooooooooo clean Mashaa’Allaah! I so agree about airing the house out! It is so true! Gotta get the air moving- it makes me feel a whole lot better Mashaa’Allaah.
    Homeschooling in pj’s…………………..ohhhhhhh how I will just comment that some days I just fall asleep in whatever I had on and carry on the next day! lol for shame…but true- sometimes I’m just that tired with 3 kids and other wifey responsibilities that my clothes are the last thing i think about- but i need to get better 🙂

  2. Masha Allah. This has been very helpful, especially the “clean as you go” aspect. i’m so used to leaving everything till I’m done to have a full load in the dishwasher. But this can help conserve that energy. Thanks so much.

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