The five pillars of Islam and recycling stuff around the home

Finally only 2 and a half months later I’m posting the picture here of one of the assignments we did for the beginning of Ramadan. Hey just call me Mrs. Slacker 🙂

We learned about how basements, architecture, and pillars give structures a solid foundation. We than learned about the 5 pillars of Islam and how these are the foundation of the Muslim.

We also learned the dua for seeking and increasing in beneficial knowledge.

I decided to put that art work under her “Tree of growth”. The tree of growth is another project for another post. That (the tree) is basically where we post new hadith, dua, surahs, and ayas she learns. My husband told me about that idea may Allah reward him Ameen.

I guess he saw it at his sons islamic school last year or something 🙂

Basically after the explanation of the 5 pillars of islam. We took her toilet paper rolls from the saving bin (where we save toilet and paper napkin rolls) and proceeded to cut them straight across .

Once we had the toilet paper rolls it was time for fun. I will write out and add pictures of the details in case you’d like to do this assignment with your little one as well.

She took some glue sticks and glued construction paper to them.

Then it was time for mommy to help.

I took some scissors and cut it vertically. (up, the long way)

We did these to five different toilet paper rolls.

Some tips of advice for you all is if and when you are gluing these, especially with glue sticks; you have to be quick and add the construction paper. If you do not hurry it will dry up and the paper will not stick.

Another tip for you as well is measure (or guesstimate) how much construction paper you will need and write the words on there BEFORE gluing it to the toilet paper roll. I made the mistake of writing on the paper AFTER she had glued it to the roll.

Tip number three is make sure you have strong tape so you can glue these rolls to the poster board.

In my home- culture, language and religion are all VERY important! I am trying to teach and carry out all 3 into our everyday lives therefore these are the pillars of Islam with the Religious terms and Spanish/English transliterations on there as well.

What we did to make sure that the pillars stuck is I folded over a small flap on both sides and stuck tape on them to the board see picture ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

Notice all three languages?

Also, notice the messy writing? That is what I meant about writing before gluing it to the rolls

After she glued all of the rolls to the board I let her play with play dough, write and paint out the dua Rabbi zidni ‘Ilma (OH my Lord increase me in Knowledge)

Once painted it out, we let it dry outside on the back balcony.

After it dried up, I then let her tape it to the poster board above the five pillars 🙂

Sorry about the bad picture quality it was semi dark and I used my cell phone camera but you get the general idea.

After that, we just transferred the tree of growth above it all because I thought it looked good together.


7 thoughts on “The five pillars of Islam and recycling stuff around the home

  1. Masha Allaah very nice. We were just getting ready to use the toilet paper roll and do 5 pillars too. Insha Allaah when we finish will share. Thanks for sharing looks very beautiful. Well done!

  2. Bismillaah

    As Salaamu Alaiki!

    Mashaa’Allaah very nice! I think this is very creative! And your daughter is too cute Mashaa’Allaah-
    Holly good job on the post- like the fact that you have many and plenty of topics- *thumbs up*

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