How do I start homeschooling?

This was a question posted on my Homeschooling Muslimah Mommies page over on facebook.

There are many ways to home school, which, I’m sure doesn’t help your frustration.

Here I will try to post a simple answer…


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I want to start homeschooling my daughter next year … she will be going to 6th in shAllah and I am overwhelmed! Could you direct me on how to begin and understand the process?

Homeschooling Muslimah Mommies




I am MORE than Happy to aid you with that!

Well first of all make dua and istikhara.

Second you will need to find out the “law regulations” of your State(USA). I am posting a link here to help you with that part…

Second, explain to your child what you will be doing and that just because she will be “at home” she is STILL In school and should be learning and working just as hard or harder.

Speak with your husband if you are married so there are no issues in the home about communication in this matter.

Then you will need to figure out what she will need to be learning, here is a link to a typical course of study for 6th grade for you

By the way here is a FREE website I LOVE to recommend!!! Helps you understand difficult subjects

As long as you use the worldbook curriculum guide you CAN homeschool ANYWAY YOU LIKE!!! =)

You can make up your own lesson plans/Curriculum, buy stuff (I prefer free to little cost items personally) Browse the net for ideas, Use the Library (LOVE IT!) or use the many free resources on the net.

Here is a few (not free, but VERY useful)

I’m sure there MANY others that I don’t know about, but this should get you started InshaAllah

Don’t get overwhelmed, make dua and PLEASE post an update with me from time to time InshaAllah~Holly


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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