We won!!

I meant to post this last night, but frankly, I was way too tired.

A while back the Mosque in Rockford started planning a get together/event for women and their daughters and the lovely sisters let me know know about it, I promised I would try my best to go. They are on a commitee of Dawah, DOOR, is what their Dawah is called. Anyhow, they try and do something each weekend with community work, shahadah stories, rummage sales, and so on and so forth. They picked the date but unfortunatly couldn’t get that date but were able to find a day where they could use the gym for May 7th, 2011.

They started promoting, I would definetly be there since my husband and I were going =)

The event was beautiful MashaAllah.

It was a formal, dress up, Mother & Daughter Only; dinner event. All the women, from tiniest to most full of wisdom from the passage of years, was dressed up MashaAllah. No cameras were allowed, and even if they were I’m not exactly posting pictures 😉

They had a little “Fashion show”, a play, a wonderful multicultural meal, games, and prizes.
The dinner was Italian, Puerto Rican, Arab and American food. YUMMY! There was many different things to eat I “tasted” 😉 most of them. They had water, coffee, and soda (pop)

There was a wonderful mostacholli, Puerto Rican rice and habichuelas, Salad, some Arab dish I forgot the name of? It consisted of almonds or something, rice, and I believe meat? Either way, it was good. There was some “Crab salad” I didn’t touch it….I’m sure it was good to those who ate it. Holly don’t likey sea food 😉 There were eggs and they went with the theme of all things girly, they were pink! 😉 (Food coloring does wonders)

There were fruits, cucumbers, veggie trays, and CUPCAKES.

They started the mother and daughter trivia. The game consisted of mothers and daughters facing in opposite directions with a dry erase board. The young lady in charge of the questions would ask one question about mom, and then one about daughter. We each had to write our answer down on our board and show the audience. It was funny, and fun!!

This is the game at which we won! Some of the questions were too easy (what is your daughter’s favorite color?) and others were a bit more challenging like, what is your daughter’s favorite store? (I actually knew that one since my girl make no qualms about letting me know everytime she sees a TJ Max 😉

She managed to answer my favorite color, food, store etc. 🙂

It was pretty neat. One of the teens was laughing and said “I think she is a spy and spies on you”.

A few of the moms were amazed, I just smiled, it really was just simple since we had actually just talked about some of that in the audience and we homeschool. That means even when we are “Not schooling” she is 8 times out of ten with me at the store, the park, events, driving, at home. You learn a lot like this.

It made me smile, because next to Islamic trivia, which we JUST started a few days ago; now I have a new game we can play together.


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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