God won’t answer my prayer! Why don’t I have a house/car/respect/what I want?

**A great reminder for myself that touches me and I felt like sharing in case anyone else wanted the HAQQ (the truth)

There are many reasons why prayer isn’t accepted (it will be answered on Allah’s time not ours!) and this is just one post that I felt inspired by today.

Here is a Translation of the meaning of what it says=


Al Qurtabi (May Allah be pleased with him said)



They asked Ibrahim ibn Adham


” why do we supplicate(pray) and get no answer?”



He said “it’s because you know God but don’t obey him,


and because you know the Messenger but you don’t continue his tradition (practice/do what he did/taught).


And you know the Quran, but you don’t act in accordance to it!


And because you eat of God’s blessings but you don’t Thank Him for them,


you know of the Paradise but you don’t even seek it,

and you know of hell and you don’t flee from it!



You know of Satan(devil/Diablo/shaitan/iblees) but you don’t even fight against him, quite the opposite you are acting accordingly with him!


You know of death but you don’t prepare for it!

You have even buried your dead and you have learned no lesson from it!


And because you ignore your own faults, but yet you are SO concerned with the faults of others…..”


Tafseer of Al-Qurtubi (2/312)


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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