Teach your child to read, I did!!

I feel so accomplished because my daughter is now a reader!!! AlhamduliAllah (All praise and Thanks are due to God) a struggling reader, but she’s reading!!! =) I’m so happy and proud of her (and me too ;) lol ) Go Evelyn!

This has been an ongoing struggle since the end of Kindergarten (April/May of 2010) We did one and 2 lettered words, sight words, and phonics. She would get it, or memorize it and then go on to guessing or simply getting frustrated.


I let it go always and tried new methods.

She kept reading like this…”wWWwawawa eeEee ttuh”


instead of wet..ugh I was frustrated. I started getting inpatient and she started hating it.


That was NOT what I was going to make homeschooling like! We took a break and I started doing my “homework” for 3 months we only did playtime, arts and crafts, math, science, physical activity, play groups and reading together…NO learning to read or write. Then I started doing special interest words.

These were homemade activities of HER liking and interest on anything from ants, apes and hands, to teddy bears and places. We would draw, cut and color the “word” see here


and make it a fun activity. That worked short-term but was not up to my standards of what I thought and knew were a first grade education so I kept researching, meanwhile she no longer whined at schooling time as she had started to with the reading. Yay some progress!


Finally I came across this book and very unsure I decided I’d give it a try.


It is definitely different from the other 2 methods we tried!


It actually misspells things at first (meaning writing the words (and the Alphabet!) as they sound, not as they are really written) and then switches over to the correct method. I didn’t have much interest or want of using this type of curriculum since I am a firm believer of learning the correct way since the beginning, but as of now, we are only on lesson 12; and she has improved at least about 60% if I’d have to scale it for you in 2 weeks and only in about 20 minutes a day!!

The book uses incorrect spelling that uses sounds that are read such as “mmmmm”for M, instead of saying M it’s called MMMMM. Also “sh” for words like “she” and “shop” and “wh” for words like “where” and “what”. The “letter” ssssssss (make the sssss sound) for S and so on. This altered orthography is a modified form of the standard long and short sounds of the alphabet.


I found this system very, very useful right away, even after the first 3 lessons! She learns what sounds the letters make and make together after learning what each letter sounds like individually, this way she is learning to read the word through sounds instead of guessing (which she is slowly getting out of the habit of doing) what the word really is or associating it with a picture. It is the fundamentals of letter sounds that helps her to learn to read correctly so I’m hoping it continues to go well and I can get her out of that ‘guessing’ the word.



Also right now as I went to write this up I did a Google search on practice sheets and found one of my inspirations in homeschooling and favorite sites hand the worksheets to go with the book! Here is the link




I usually don’t evaluate or recommend any one curriculum or style, but I had to share my joy. My joy at the progress we are making; and share the fact that I am truly happy with the decision to try it. For 16.00 dollars that I spent and less than 3 hours time total so far, plus love, an open mind; a willingness to try, positive reinforcement; and dedication and I ALREADY see progress and THAT is worthy of all the stress and worthy of posting to share my satisfaction! AlhamduliAllah for everything!~Holly


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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