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Welcome to our personal glimpse into our personal homeschool web page.

 This is our own little experience in our homeschool. Little extras, materials I use, trips, and my recommendations or assignments she or I want to share with our readers, and a glimpse into some of the stuff I use to Teach and enjoy my daughter.


 What new thing did YOU learn today? We must remember to Teach our children everyday. Contesta sus preguntas (Answer their questions), read a book, Learn about other cultures, religions and parts of the world! When you teach a topic you end up learning more about it than you thought you knew in the beginning! When you start using life, books, examples, websites, other people’s cultures, views, books, the Quran, language, and flashcards to teach your child(ren) you’ll be surprised at how much more you will learn again as well.♥~Holly Garza

Stuff we use and links of interest

Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) I use so many things on any given week. A lot of these are online links that I have posted here, however I can’t reiterate this enough…

As with everything first make dua(pray), find out what the legal requirements are and resources you will need.

Write down EVERYTHING! You can buy or use the computer and write a simple schedule. It’s as easy as writing

  • eat at 8
  • read at 8: 30
  • Quran at 9
  • Math at 10
  • break at 10:30, and so on and so forth…

As a side note, I do not do these everyday. Some days we do Islam + Reading and arts and crafts. The next day we will do Science + writing and life skills. On another day we might do life skills + Islam and Math. The next time we can do Grammar, Phonics and Social studies. Another time salat, spelling, surah memorizing and Geography.

The trick is not to overwhelm yourself or the child.

REMEMBER The computer and the tv are SOMETIMES items!

We use the internet at most 2 hours for homeschooling no more. We do physical activity-stretches, walks, exercise, McDonald’s Playland or play-date/friend visits for the physical development aspect. We also do a lot of reading, writing and looking through magazines as well. We have manipulative items (play dough, paint, glitter (A lot of these items you can make or buy easily and cheaply) I usually alternate different sites every two weeks, these are almost all the ones I have used  and use.

One of my favorite web sites, which I just found a few months ago is time4learning. Here is the link for that web site. Now, this web site is a paid site, meaning you pay to use it. I usually try to use/share really good free/or cheap sites or links, however; this is an excellent resource which is WELL WORTH the money.

    Great for early reading/site words

This is the list I printed and check off on it to make sure I am teaching her everything she has to know legally and for her grade level. 

We also have a word dictionary where she writes the words she knows how to spell. A word wall, as well as make random arts and crafts assignments made of words she is learning to write, spell and read. , spell and read, such as (see pictures included in link below)

See (pictures) an example of the word HAND here

 All about my body

Science Time =) 

 Practice Telling Time  (she just learned to tell time this second week of October and she loves it!)

 Sesame Street Numbers

 Count us in Math!!

A Blog on Homeschooling I found with MATH GAMES 

 To teach Islāmic studies I use different methods. I use examples, the Qur’an, youtube videos, and a vast array of online sites, different books. and curriculum’s. I do it this way since no one single curriculum really fit our style or life. Here are some of the things I use. There are many books, and things I like to use, however it is important to remember not to overdo it in our excitement. When I do I pick a lesson out of a book, I back it up with Quran and Hadeeth. Here are the things I use in my homeschool. 

A great book for Islamic principles and manners is THIS ONE! <~ A personal Favorite of mine! Not too complicated, not to simple to where it is boring! I honestly think if I had the funds I would buy a few for every Masjid and let some of these Muslims that are grown read it too so they can learn! beautiful hadeeth, ayah, illustrations and explanations. The Author did an excellent job on this book!

Another favorite of mine is The Great Miracle The story of Jesus (Isa in the Quran)

This book coupled with the ayat in the Qur’an to go with it. The book on SALAT  and of course leading by example. Islamic Studies Grade 1 workbook.

FREE Islamic Classes!! FREE did you get that?!? FREE baraka! =) AlhamduliAllah (These are University style classes and may need to be explained to the child in a simplified way depending on their age level, but they are great for mommies!)

We have been doing a lot of scientific research on trees, birds, bears, squirrels, our bodies and butterflies.

 I use the library, our books, the Qur’an, the internet, and sites online for this. Here is one site on  Butterflies

 This is a special treat~ play time for her

 Islamic games for children (another treat or free time)

 Learning Spanish! =) 

We do this by speaking in Spanish and reading bilingual books

 More Spanish

 Sprout online =) more play/learning time

 We have a Weather chart with cloudy, sunny, fog, rainy, and cloudy on our wall, as well as when we go outside. Sometimes we use a site like this one

 The Qur’an Online FREE (many different Transliteration styles and ways to learn!)

 There is always time for Arts and Crafts and while I love to teach and ensure she is meeting all the learning requirements, I also allow my daughter to enjoy her arts and crafts time about 95 % of the time she asks to. homeschooling is not about mimicking a school, it’s about teaching a child to love learning and teaching them how to think, not at what time to think or how to think.

All about changes due to pressure and Mountains, canyons, and river formation

 Introductory Arabic Words

 ALL about Space!

As always, parenting, cooking, reading, daily life, play/paint time & or outdoor trips/playtime are excellent opportunities.


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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