Learning about the prophets (an example of a lesson plan)

*This can also be used with People of interest that you’d like to study as well*


Ideas on how to promote writing and learning about the Prophets

The Prophet Jesus (Isa) is the subject for this month’s Islamic learning.

We have been reading this book and now that she is starting to write I have her write simple words down like Isa, dua and Maryam. This helps her to practice her writing as well as keep some of the information since she is still quite young. (five years old)
Not only was He a great person who believed in Allah but there are many lessons to be derived from knowing his life as well as many things you can teach children out of one book. 

This could be expanded and made as in-depth of a study as you need it for an older child or made as simple as possible for a younger child. We will be re visiting this InshaAllah in the future once she is reading with comprehension and writing as I really would love for her to expand on reading comprehension, writing capabilities and knowing the Prophets’ lives as she gets older InshaAllah.

For now I had her do simple “lessons” out of this lesson plan. Some of our activities were

me questioning her about the story (every 2 paragraphs) eg. what was the Prophet’s name?

“Writing” the name Isa (Jesus in Spanish, pronounced Jaysus  … like a soft zeus) with molding clay

painting his name

writing his name

drawing and painting pictures about the story

creating a poster board with word, magazine and drawing cut outs on it and posting it up *This reinforces hand-eye coördination as well as cutting, gluing, pasting and is something fun for children to do. This also provides a visual reminder of what they are learning or have learned every time they walk past it*

For older children you can have them write parts, names or ideas in the “story” as you read to them.

Have them read the book

have them do a word hunt on the words in the book.

make a handmade memory game with your child of Islamic terminology, names, and events in the story

Play the memory game with your child

make a spelling words list of the terms in the book

have your child do a spelling quiz on the words

have your child do a book report on the prophet/book/subject


Asalaamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you) your thoughts? Your comment, questions?? Please share

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